Bob Eccleston: The Lawyers Are On Strike

The lawyers are on strike,
marching through the streets
demanding equal pay with poets
who, disturbed at this challenge
to the natural order,
pelt them with left-over sonnets.

The bankers are out in sympathy,
their raucous greed
seeking to drown life’s music
until the musicians start piping
and lead the bankers into
a morass of low down blues
so they sing whilst sinking
“My money done left me,
left me all alone.”

The politicians have left,
gone to join the circus
where they walk high wires
corroded with corruption
or cavort with contortionists
talking through each other’s arses
until everything makes nonsense

whilst we watch
amused, bemused, confused,
excluded, deluded, screwed,
fascinated, deflated, under-rated.

The future is . . .
moving, improving, grooving
insane, down the drain, the same again,
distant, irrelevant, non-existent.

Delete as you consider appropriate.