David Alpaugh:Two More Double Titles

Graphic open book with John Donne portrait

DEATH . . .

Whatever you do—don’t listen to John Donne!!!
Be Proud as Punch of your 100% success record.
By dancing every man, woman & child out of this
valley of tears, you keep it from being sardine-tin
hell! Were your mom alive she’d be proud of you,

Death. And be not humbled by that Pie-in-the-Sky
ad man, Hereafter, with his pearly gate, his singing
hosannas forever. One needn’t go Satan-like to &
fro on the earth, until The Second Coming, to know:
where there’s no sign of strife . . . there’s no sign of

LIFE . . .

Engraving by William Blake 


Sayings. Gertrude Stein left us one of the best.
When Alice B. (craving other worldly wisdom)
asked, What is the Answer?—Gertie whispered
(with what was less an answer than suggestion)
Alice, What is the Question? A favorite fictional

Deathbed maven, that superstar rabbi who shouts,
Life is like a barrel! When baffled disciples query
Why, shrugs with a sigh, So it ISN’T like a barrel!
Still, who can top Thomas Hobbes’ killer deathbed
remark? I’m about to take a GREAT LEAP in the

DARK . . .