Elizabeth Horrocks: Left And Right

In times of old, I’m sad to say,
they forced us lefties the Right way.
George the VI’s despair was utter –
it left him with a dreadful stutter.
(A stutter’s not at all the thing
if you’re required to speak as King)

My teachers were far more enlightened
My leftness didn’t make them frightened.
I was allowed to use the hand
that felt correct. You understand
that still the prospects weren’t too clever:
it’s been a right-hand world for ever.

Today, I smudge, or hold the pen
and paper awkwardly. And then
knitting’s tricky, likewise sewing . . .
you can see where this is going:
cheque books, scissors, all designed
with right handed folk in mind.
But we lefties, so they say,
have some points that go our way:
instinctive, and creative too,
with an independent view;
it could be lefties from their birth
are destined soon to rule the earth!