Glo Curl: Ballade Of Modern Confession

I’m envious of those who have that skill
That special gift, the ones who are the best
Of their profession. I fancy I would kill
To sing like Shirley Bassey, match her zest
On stage and screen, be graced with a request
From monarchy. Far better I stay mute,
Content to never put it to the test –
Music's never been my strongest suit.

Though not completely mute – odd times I'll trill
At home alone until the dog gets stressed
And tries to climb onto the window sill
To flee. Oh yes, if only I were blessed
With vocal cords to stir the human breast
Or even play piano, cello, flute
For orchestra or group. But then (you've guessed)
Music's never been my strongest suit.

“If only one could take a talent pill!”
A thought that somebody I knew addressed
To me, fingers jammed in ears, but still
Delivered in a genial tone of jest
(I think) “ Or even better to invest
In lessons? Practice often will bear fruit
As well”, he said. I readily confessed
"Music's never been my strongest suit."

To all artistes, to singers and the rest
Good luck! And though I'd love to take that route
The dreamer in me will admit when pressed
Music's never been my strongest suit.