In This Issue

From pandemic jitters to Platinum Jubilation, here comes LUPO 58 for June 2022, though rocketing costs are not likely to make the living easy this summer. Undeterred, however, an assortment of stalwarts have stepped up to that borrowed metaphorical plate with, er, a talking plate, bells, wine, tattered jeans, jellyfish,  chess, apps, holiday reflections, Wimbledon memories, glimpses behind famous paintings, an office tragedy, Peppa Pig, cats (can’t keep them out)  spiders, otters, pine-martens,  stoats, weasels, moose, witches, bibliophiles, bronze fingers, Neolithic thoughts, neutrinos, Count Vronsky and Noam Chomsky, though not on the same page, and much other aestival entertainment besides.

To be found at greater or lesser length in the three Intervals and one special Interval are Clyde Always, Jerome Betts, Jane Blanchard, Alexander Blustin, Steve Bremner, Susan Jarvis Bryant, Janice Canerdy, Terese Coe, Pat D’Amico, Philip Dunkerley, Daniel Galef, Max Gutmann, Robin Helweg-Larsen, Tony Inchley, Will Ingrams, Steven Kent, Drew Nathaniel Keane, Geoffrey A. Landis, Duncan Lawrence, Martin McGovern, Bruce McGuffin, L. A. Mereoie, Rumi Morkin, Cody Walker and Russel Winick.

Freed from their picks and shovels after successful nugget-mining in the vein of Nash come the winners of Competition 57, namely Daniel Galef, Julia Griffin, Steven Kent, L. A, Mereoie, Mike Mesterton-Gibbons, Bob Newman, Martin Parker  Michael Swan and John Wood.

A baker's dozen of dashing LUPO debutantes lay out their lines for inspection, so a warm summer welcome to Clyde Always, Diane Elayne Dees, Nolcha Fox, Robert Grossmith, Peter Hodgson, Will Ingrams, Drew Nathaniel Keane, Geoffrey A. Landis, Duncan Lawrence, Liz McPherson, Margot Myers, Alexander Pepple and Cody Walker.

With thanks to all contributors and to Ana Hijosa Sanchez, Heather Simpson and Richard Williams for the use of photographs it’s time to unveil the quarterly package of pixels and hope it provides some light or lightish relief from the current chaos all around.

Platinum Jubilee decoration on churchyard wall St Marychurch Devon