Alex Steelsmith: Average Joe

Is Joe a normal lad about
the age of nine or ten
who argues with his Dad about
most everything he can?

Is Joe an undergrad about
to get an average grade,
and unemployed, and sad about
the check he’s never paid?

Does Joe at times feel bad about
his commonplace routine
or jealous, just a tad, about
the famous Golden Mean?

Does Joe aspire to add about
a million to his worth,
and have a son (named Brad), about
eleven pounds at birth?

Has Joe already had a bout
of nasty C-19,
or is he well, and glad about
receiving the vaccine?

Does Joe proclaim he’s mad about
what health officials ask,
and wander like a cad about
the mall without a mask?

Are Joe’s beliefs a fad about
to fade at any time,
or is he ironclad about
his chosen paradigm?

Is Joe a pleasant gadabout
who rides in limousines
and often likes to pad about
the White House in his jeans?