Max Gutmann: Chess Players

The world can be divided into two types of people,
those who play chess
and those who don't.

Chess players are logical.
They live primarily in their heads.
Non-chess-players are emotional,
live among their feelings,
and relish connections.
Men play more chess than women do.

Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, and Napoleon
played chess.
Gandhi most likely could have been mated in about ten moves.

When told of your latest crisis at work,
chess players ask "Why'd you do that?" or
"How'd Arsenal do today?"
Non-chess-players ask, "How did that make you feel?"

Most of the world's poetry,
great fiction,
and blank verse drama
has been written by non-chess-players.
Chess players write mystery novels
and light verse.

That the world can be divided into two types of people
is an idea that appeals to chess players.