Steven Clayman: The Motto Of The Otter (Enhydra Lutris)

The otter’s of that keen and can-do set
Who think that want just ought to presage get.
They glide through life, as is their predilection,
And make it so with little fuss or friction.

Concerning fish and such aquatic stuff,
They crave it all and know not of enough
And come the time to dine or have a snack
They’ll take theirs stretching out and kicking back.

Crustacean shells will hardly slow them down,
A rock, a smash, and then they go to town.
Did someone mention playing in the water?
That sudden splash would be their imprimatur.

And so we have the motto of the otter:
Most folks see what is and then ask why;
I’m that sea-dreamer and ask-why-notter.

Sea otter with light head floaing on back with two red-spined sea urchins on its chest