Steven Kent: Right On Time

Alarm goes off, I rise and leave my cozy sleeping spot;
It’s been this way for years and years, 6:30 on the dot.
I fetch my robe from off the hook, then wash and shave my face
Before I comb my hair until there’s not one out of place.

I drink my coffee black and hot, 6:45 precisely,
And if it takes five minutes more, that won’t do near as nicely.
The eggs must be well-scrambled, dry, the bacon should be lean.
My love, you say Go with the flow. Whatever do you mean?

Ten-minute shower, then I dress and leave at half-past 8:00,
Arriving at the office never early, never late.
I lunch at 12:00 exactly, back to work as clock strikes 1:00
Until the stroke of 5:00 p.m., and then my day is done.

5:45, I’m back at home, where Cindy’s at the sink,
And right on time she takes my coat and offers me a drink
Before she serves up dinner, 6:00 o’clock—that’s our routine.
My love, you say God, loosen up! Whatever do you mean?

The kids head to their room at 9:00; I tuck them in each night.
We talk for fifteen minutes, then I turn out each one’s light.
Downstairs for one more hour, then it’s right to bed I go
And straight to sleep; what happens past 11:00, I don’t know.

Some say a person has no need to regiment his life
The way I’ve done, but really I just do it for my wife.
She so adores the way each day is run like a machine—
My love, you say I’m leaving you. Whatever do you mean?