Barbara's BackWords

Barbara Lydecker Crane's BackWords Logic (Local Gems Press, Long Island, New York) will be published shortly.  It comprises 64 humorous quatrains; each contains a pair of 'mirror' words (italicized) that spell each other backwards (i.e., 'repaid' and 'diaper', 'tuba' and 'abut'). Illustrations by Fran McCormick accompany each poem. The book will be available online from the publisher or from Amazon. 

P.S. August '17. The collection has now appeared –a feast of what Melissa Balmain describes as 'reversible anagrams–aka backronyms or semordnilaps–in games of rhyming, punny, verbal Twister.'

P.P.S September '17. You can now go to and enter Barbara Lydecker Crane in the Books search-box and all three of her titles will come up.