O'Carroll Collected

Chris O’Carroll is well known to readers of LUPO with contributions stretching back to Issue 14 in June 2011. A select few appear in his recently-published collection The Joke’s On Me. (Kelsay Books White Violet Press  www.kelsaybooks.com and available from Amazon UK post-free.)

The first section, Entertained By Dust, looks at landscape, birds and flowers, the second, Hum It Once Or Twice, reveals the writer’s romantic side and the third, Some Force Or Other, touches on topics such as family, the theatre, paintings and science.

The Joke’s On Me is actually also the title of the last section where the nimble O’Carroll includes more of the kind of neatly-crafted wit the readers of Light, LUPO and Snakeskin are familiar with, from Road Runner and Coyote to A.E. Housman Changes A Light Bulb and Ode To Old Age.

That neat craftsmanship shows in a piece where he even manages to find natural and appropriate rhymes for purple, month, silver and orange, that is to say . . . But why not get your own copy to discover how it was done and enjoy what Ann Drysdale describes as ‘a glorious celebration of the joy of words’?