Fairley Lifts Off

Lighten Up On Line contributor and frequent national weekly competition winner Sylvia Fairley has a collection of her work out called Wordplay. It is obtainable for £6 (plus P & P )  from Sylvia This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as well as www.lulu.com and should also be available from Amazon by February.

'Sylvia Fairley shows no respect for the giants of literature in her clever parodies which rub shoulders with political satire and indulgent smiles at the quirks of human nature. She writes of 'the curse of true love' which, of course, does not run smoothly, and looks back at the horrors of the meat scandal. Keats, Kipling, Coleridge and Poe are some of the poets who come in for a re-write, and you can take a flight on Apollo 11 in the style of Jabberwocky.”