George Simmers: Old and Bookish

As part of his veteran webzine's 25th anniversary celebrations, Snakeskin’s editor George Simmers has published a thought-provoking and entertaining selection of his work in a 92 page book of a size handy for reading in bed. Most of the forty seven verses first appeared in Snakeskin but a couple, I am pleased to say, in Lighten Up Online.

The contents is made up of twelve Songs of the Old Man in which among other things he walks his dog, reads Herrick, chats to his body and sees himself at Housman’s grave. This is followed by Some Oldies, depicting seventeen named pensioners, from raging Rachel to dreaming Christopher. The third section, Bookish, includes among its eighteen pieces some longer offerings, such as An Essay on Rhyme, Poets In Residence, and The Story. There is also a review in seven limerick stanzas of . . . a collection of limericks, and thoughts on aspects of language, academics, and lighter matters. All in all, well worth adding to the non-virtual shelves.

Published by Snakeskin, it is available from good booksellers including Amazon. ISBN 9781-716-48337-0 List price £8. A postage-free signed copy can be obtained by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.