Balmain's Reboots Bounce In

Now available on Amazon UK is Melissa Balmain’s latest book The Witch Demands A Retraction, ‘a twisted collection of adult fairy tales’ published by Humorist Books. This 43 page paperback is illustrated in full colour by Ron Barrett of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs fame.

Definitely not for the usual consumers of fairy tales as “This is an extremely irresponsible book – imprudent, unconscionable, certain to emotionally scar impressionable children for life. I highly recommend it.”, according to a Washington post columnist.

LUPO readers will know Melissa as a regular contributor and can check out four of the ‘reboots for adults’ in Issue 52, (The Witch Demands A Retraction, Issue 49, Not So Snow White, Issue 47, Cinderella’s Podiatrist Writes An Amazon Review, and Issue 37, Mama Bear Puts The Record Straight, the real story behind the Goldilocks cover-up.