Art Among Anaesthesia

Congratulations to LUPO contributor Jane Blanchard, who has has won the inaugural Letheon Poetry Prize with her sonnet Meanwhile published in the rather unusual setting of the American medical journal Anesthesiology.
 Deft Verse From The Dales
Joan Butler, a contributor since Issue 2, has recently had two pamphlets of her work published, some of which first appeared in LUPO. The first of these is Nobbut Once (Fisherrow Press), eleven 'Poems with a dash of Yorkshire.' The second is The Orpheus Game (Fisherrow Press), twenty-two 'Poems with a dash of wit'.
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The Parker Has Landed!

I Think I Thought, Martin Parker’s collection of over a hundred of his poems is now available from all good bookshops, Amazon and the publishers, Matador.

Postage and packing is free to UK addresses when placed through the website  where a handful of tasters lurk behind the Poems heading on the Home page. There is also a Contact link to reach him direct if you would like a signed copy.

However, as Martin notes: “ While ITIT is available in the States from both Amazon and the publishers their postage charges can be up to double those applied by me. So, while stocks last, it will be in everyone's interest for USA orders to be supplied via my own website."

Parker's Pieces

Breaking, but not heart-breaking, news from the light verse universe is that I Think I Thought, a 120-page collection of Martin Parker's work, will be coming out in time for the Christmas present–buying season. More details as and when, but the general thrust is " a journey from nappies to the Last Great Perhaps — the stages including Getting Started — Getting it Wrong, Mostly,Getting the Hang of it— Getting Near the Buffers — pausing along the way for a visit to Grouches Corner  . . . "

Barbara's BackWords

Barbara Lydecker Crane's BackWords Logic (Local Gems Press, Long Island, New York) will be published shortly.  It comprises 64 humorous quatrains; each contains a pair of 'mirror' words (italicized) that spell each other backwards (i.e., 'repaid' and 'diaper', 'tuba' and 'abut'). Illustrations by Fran McCormick accompany each poem. The book will be available online from the publisher or from Amazon. 

P.S. August '17. The collection has now appeared –a feast of what Melissa Balmain describes as 'reversible anagrams–aka backronyms or semordnilaps–in games of rhyming, punny, verbal Twister.'

P.P.S September '17. You can now go to and enter Barbara Lydecker Crane in the Books search-box and all three of her titles will come up.