Verse Potcakes For Sale

LUPO contributor Robin Helweg-Larsen is editing a series of illustrated  pocket-sized ‘Potcake Chapbooks’ for the publisher Sampson Low. The first two, Tourists and Cannibals and Rogues and Roses were published in October and of the thirteen writers whose work is  included, all but three are familiar from their appearances in LUPO.

Robin Helweg-Larsen writes: “These chapbooks are made from a single large sheet of high quality bond paper printed both sides in colour, folded four times, cut and stapled. This gives a 16-page booklet, with enough space for a dozen poems and some illustrations by Alban Low. The poems can’t be too long in a format like this, and light-heartedness is well served by rhythm and rhyme. The chapbooks are designed to be the sort of enjoyable, witty, interruptable collection that serves well on a journey or as a little gift at the price of a fancy greeting card.”

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Allgar’s Alphabetical  Adventures

The Ayterzedd, 'A Bestiary of (mostly) Alien Beings', by a longstanding LUPO contributor, Brian Allgar, has recently been published by Kelsay Books. It includes seven pieces that first appeared in LUPO, the latest being The Hurkle in Issue 41 (March 2018), though this was actually the first written and the genesis of the whole assemblage.

The collection has back-cover blurbs by LUPO contributors Chris O'Carroll (rhymed), Basil Ransome-Davies and Sylvia Fairley, who also provided the front cover illustration.

Available from Amazon UK postage-free or via Kelsay Books. (

Art Among Anaesthesia

Congratulations to LUPO contributor Jane Blanchard, who has has won the inaugural Letheon Poetry Prize with her sonnet Meanwhile published in the rather unusual setting of the American medical journal Anesthesiology.
 Deft Verse From The Dales
Joan Butler, a contributor since Issue 2, has recently had two pamphlets of her work published, some of which first appeared in LUPO. The first of these is Nobbut Once (Fisherrow Press), eleven 'Poems with a dash of Yorkshire.' The second is The Orpheus Game (Fisherrow Press), twenty-two 'Poems with a dash of wit'.
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