Fairley Lifts Off

Lighten Up On Line contributor and frequent national weekly competition winner Sylvia Fairley has a collection of her work out called Wordplay. It is obtainable for £6 (plus P & P )  from Sylvia This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as well as and should also be available from Amazon by February.

'Sylvia Fairley shows no respect for the giants of literature in her clever parodies which rub shoulders with political satire and indulgent smiles at the quirks of human nature. She writes of 'the curse of true love' which, of course, does not run smoothly, and looks back at the horrors of the meat scandal. Keats, Kipling, Coleridge and Poe are some of the poets who come in for a re-write, and you can take a flight on Apollo 11 in the style of Jabberwocky.”

Susan de Sola Freezes Again

Not content with last year winning the prestigious Frost Farm Prize with her poem Buddy, Susan de Sola, a  LUPO contributor since Issue 25 on population pressure, telephone boxes, ski wear, weekend flings, giraffes and other topics, as well as translator, photographer and supplier of digital Dutch cheese wheels and tulips to the editry and gentry, has now appeared in her more serious vein, (including Buddy) with her debut collection Frozen Charlotte. (Able Muse Press 2019).

So, there is LUPO among the acknowledgements, for Closely Observed Postman (Issue 25 September 2014), alongside such mighty organs as The Hudson Review and The Dark Horse . . . Thank you, Susan, more please.

Details can be found at . The official release date is 30 August 2019, but copies can be ordered via Able Muse (above)  and pre-ordered from Amazon at

James B. Nicola Goes Before And Beyond

May 20th 2019 saw the release of LUPO contributor James B. Nicola’s fifth full length poetry collection Quickening: Poems from Before and Beyond (Cyberwit Press).

The poems “range from the quotidian to the cosmic” and the collection “offers the hint  of hope with a poetic reminder that the same miracle that made Something to begin with recurs every moment of our lives. It ventures into the mysterious place-that-is-no place where the Center does hold: to the moment that brings Chaos to Cosmos, Void to Creation Nothing to Something and Everything.”

Available from and Amazon (UK and USA). 

John Whitworth 1945-2019

It is sad to have to record the death on April 20th 2019  of John Whitworth, a writer well known to many LUPO contributors. He appeared in LUPO’s first two editions in 2008 and occasionally afterwards.  His work could be found in a wide range of  magazines here and abroad and there are ten collections of his verse, published by Secker & Warburg, Peterloo, Enitharmon, and Kelsay, from Unhistorical Fragments in 1980 to Joy In The Morning in 2016. In addition there was was a book of verse for children, The Complete Poetical Works of Phoebe Flood (Hodder 1997), Writing Poetry (A.& C. Black 2001, revised edition 2006)) and a Faber anthology he edited in 2006, Making Love To Marilyn Monroe.

A good deal about his life and writings can be found in a Spotlight Feature in The Chimaera Issue 4 September 2008.