Asperity Street

Gail White’s new collection Asperity Street went on general release on August 31st and is available from Amazon and Abe Books as well as Able Muse Press. Details at

The Camel Is Coming.

LUPO contributor Jonathan Humble (28 and 29),The Poet Laureate of the Tripe Marketing Board, has recently had his first collection My Camel's Name Is Brian, containing over a hundred of his poems, published by TMB Books.

 Details at

Oysters For Allgar

Congratulations to LUPO contributor Brian Allgar,who has won first place in the Flash 500 Humour Verse competition for the first quarter of 2015 with The Oysters' Revenge. Sylvia Fairley and Martin Parker were on the short list. There have been sixteen of these competitions running quarterly since April 2011, when Martin Parker won both first and third prizes. Sadly, this will be the last. (

And now for someone completely different!

After seven years of Lighten Up Online I have handed over the job of Editor to Jerome Betts, the man who, as well as guest editing three Issues, has brought us delights such as his ballade to a bulbous but unspecified auction lot (Issue 14), a dead poet's aperient salts discovered as a museum exhibit (Issue 15), an unashamedly muftiless Major (Issue 24) and many wondrous others.

I am confident that LUPO will thrive under his direction, that you will give him the same level of support and encouragement which you have given me – and that he will enjoy the Editor's job every bit as much as I have done.